Oh, It's On is the first episode of The Otto Show.

Don't forget Troller!


When Trey and Chase challenge each other to a basketball game, the others try to call it off before someone gets hurt.


At the park, the guys are playing a game of basketball.

Trey: Alright, the score is me 4, Trenton 3.

Chris: Trenton scores again, it's a tie, Trey scores, he wins.

Trey takes the ball, but Trenton steals it and makes it in.

Chris: Trenton 4, Trey 4, next shot wins.

Trenton takes the ball and shoots it in, but Trey picks it out of the air and slam dunks it in.

Trey: Who wants to go next?

Chase: I'll give it a try.

Hunter: Guys, sorry to spoil the fun, but we have to go home.

Chase: We can't go home yet.

Trenton: Well, it is getting late. Let's just go home, you guys can play another day.

Trey: Sounds good, you and me Chase, tomorrow, right here.

Chase: It's on.

The next day at school, Chris and Hunter are with the girls at lunch.

Julia: Are you sure they're really going to face off in basketball?

Hunter: We were witnesses, if you don't belive us, ask Trey or Chase.

Madison M: I thought it was supposed to storm tonight.

Chris: If it is, how bad is it supposed to be?

Hannah: It's supposed to be thunder and lightning.

Everybody: We have to call off the match.

Trey and Chase appear right behind them.

Trey: Call it off?

Chase: Why call it off?

Madison R: It is supposed to storm tonight.

Trenton then appears.

Trenton: Hey guys, did you here about the thunderstorm tonight?

Chase: Thunderstorm? You have got to be kidding.

Trey: I don't care, a little thunder won't stop me.

Chase: It won't stop me, either.

Trenton: Guys, for your own safety, we highly suggest that you call the basketball match off.

Trey and

At the park, it's raining and the gang is there.

Chris: Alright, here are the rules. First man to 10 points wins. Ready, set...

Trey and Chase already start as it goes back and forth.

Hunter: Alright, it's been an hour, we should get home.

Hannah: I agree as well

Trenton: Same for me.

Julia: It's getting freezing outside.

Madison M and R: We have to go to sleep.

Chris: Trey and Chase, we'll finish the game tomorrow.

Trey: Come on, it's tied.

Chase: I have a solution, if I miss, Trey shoots. If he misses, we finish it tomorrow, either one of us makes it in wins.

Chris: Fine.

Chase shoots it in, but he misses.

Trey: It's up to me.

Trey shoots the ball, and he makes it in.

Chase: Good job Trey, you beat me.

Everybody: Now we can go home.

Chris: Let's go.