Locked In is the second episode of The Otto Show.


Chris accidently locks himself in a portable toilet, and the gang must get him out before nightfall.


At the park, the gang is playing a game of kickball.

Trenton: All right guys, the score is 4-5. Julia's team is winning.

Chris: We need one more point and it's tied.

Trey: Let's do this guys.

Madison M: Can you guys stop talking so we can play?

Chase: It's go time, boys.

Julia rolls the ball, and Hunter kicks it hard, all the way to the playground.

All Boys: Go Hunter!

Hunter runs through first, second, and then third. He runs to fourth, and makes it.

Trenton: Woohoo! Nice job Hunter!

Trey: That was a nice kick.

Chris: You should play more often.

Hunter: The girls and Michael did good, too. 

Chris: I'll be right back, gotta go use the can.

Chase: Hurry back, the girls wanna play soccer.

Chris enters a portable toilet, then tries to get out.

Chris: What? Help! I'm locked in! Guys!

Nobody answers.

Chris: Dang it! Now what? I got it!

Chris pulls a phone out of his pocket.

Chris: Thank you dad. Now to call Hunter and everything is awesome.

The phone rings and Madison R's voice comes out of it.

Madison R: Sorry, Hunter isn't there, but I'll tell him for you.

Chris: Get the guys, come over to the portable toilets, I'm stuck inside one.

Madison R: Be right there.

The phone call ends.

The gang then appears near the location.

Michael: Oh gosh, how did you get locked in there?

Chris: I don't know, get me out of here!

Hunter: i've got an idea.

Hannah: It better be good, it's almost time to go home.

Hunter runs and kicks the door straight open.

Julia: Wow, that was a nice kick.

Hunter: i know.

Trey: Let's go home.